Fully Automatic Die-cutting Machine
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Product Info:

General Introduction
As European models,   XHBC1050 series punching & die-cutting machine,  die-cutting & stamping machine,
and holographic positioning & stamping machine feature high precision,   high speed,  durability and stable
performance.They adopt international leading configuration and have come up to international leading level
in performance.

On the basis of   XHBC-1050 automatic diecutting and creasing machine  XHBC-1050 automatic diecutting
and stripping machine is mainly used  for the diecutting,   creasing,   stripping,  cold and hot embossing of
cigarette box,  drug box,  wine box and label in the packing and decorating industries.This kind of machine
is incorporated with fully automatic feeding,  diecutting,  stripping,  delivering counting,  obstacle indicating,
checking and meas-uring. It has the features of easy operating, reliablity, high speed and precision.

Main configurations

The  design of  feeder  is  efficient,  stable and ingenious,  the feeder is equipped 8 suckers andfour for
separator, four for transporter so that the process is stable and the device is suitable for different paper.
Special helical back blowing,front and side blowing make the running stable and avoid the double sheets
case. Each sucker is individual so that the adjustment is easy and the paper can be transported successfully.

Oblique Feeding Table:

The running  of oblique high speed feeding device is stable and the device is equipped reliable double sheets
detector. The non-stop main or vice feeding program can save the working time, make the operation easy and
increase operating efficiency.

Die-cutting Device:

Up-down  plan  tables  adopt accurate grinding processing  to  assure  the precision of working surface.
Integral molding frame will not change its shape easily. It  adopts the pn
eumatic locking design to make
the running safe and easy. Bottom steel board HRC
50-53 is plan, rust-proof, precise and wearable. The
rotation mechanism is safe and its
operation is easy.

Stripping Device:

Three parts cooperated with each other, upmiddledown driving cam, finish stripping.
The device makes the running stable precise,the loading and discharging quick
and adjustment easy.

Delivery Unit:

Automatic non-stop delivery can save the working time and increase the work efficiency.
The safe, stable and reliable delivery detector can protect the machine and

Die-cutting Frame:

Adopts self-locking design for die-cutting frame to improve safety and facilitate operation;Adopts
unique gripper positioning  materials and cam motion curve to ensue h
igher precision and lower
noise than similar products.  Die-cutting frame  adopts integr
ated structure 
and thus features high strength and high precision, and the backplate is made of stainless
steel and thus features durability and
attractive appearance.Bottom die adopts HRC50-53 stainless
steel plate, thus ensuring
high precision and durability.



Max. Paper SizeMM


Min. Paper SizeMM


Paper Thicknessg/m²


Corrugated Paper ThicknessMM


Max. SpeedS/H


Max. PressureT


Min. Holding WidthMM


Max. Punching SizeMM


Diecutting AccuracyMM


Power RequiredKW


Total WeightT


Machine Size(L×W×H)MM


1050 series flatbed die cutting machine, die-cutting with waste removing, die-cutting with stamping,
holographic  counterfeit position stamping machine and holographic  counterfeit position stamping
and waste-removing machine belong to Europe model. Accuracy,high speed,durable and stable
performance; adopt the most advance andmodern collocation,some parts up to the top; each
performance reach international advance level. XHBC-1050SFL automatic flatbed die-cutting machine,
mainly used for die-cutting of cardboard with high precision, press concave or protruding, the corrugated
board thickness less than 4mm and plastic film board, stamping and holographic counterfeit icon position
stamping.Special explanation:Because holographic electric aluminum tail after foil stamping,so there is
definite requirement about cursor of holographic electric aluminum.  The cursor of holographic electric
aluminum adopts by customer must matching with the electric eyes of this machine. So before you order
holographic electric aluminum, please do contact with our engineer,we will provide you free technical
support. They will instruct how to choosing and how to operating the holographic electric aluminum.

Optiontal equipments
1050FL Fully Automatic Punching, Die-cutting & Holographic Stamping Machine.
1050SFL Fully Automatic Punching, Holographic Die-cutting, Foil Stamping & Waste- removing Machine.


Max. Width of Foil Pulling


Max. Width of Foil Stamping


Max. Length of Foil Stamping


Max. Length of Foil Pulling


Max. God Foil roll diameter


Temperature range of Foil Stamping


Electro thermal plate heating area


Electro thermal plate power consumption


Total power required


Max. Speed


Foil stamping

6000S/H (Length of foil pulling once200mm, Width of Gold foil100mm)

5000S/H (Length of foil pulling once300mm, Width of Gold foil100mm)

3800S/H (Length of foil pulling once600mm, Width of Gold foil150mm)

3000S/H (Length of foil pulling once600mm~700mm, Width of Gold foil150mm)

Speed of the fastest holographic foilstamping

5000S/H (Length of foil pulling once100mm, Width of Gold foil40mm)

4000S/H (Length of foil pulling once300mm, Width of Gold foil40mm)

, ,

3000S/H (Length of foil pulling once500mm, Width of Gold foil40mm)

Max paper size


Min paper size


Max cutting size


Chase inner dimension


Cutting steel plate size


Suitable paper range

80~600g/ cardboard, corrugated board thickness4mm

Min holding width

9.5mm(according to die-cutting product display,paper factor andoperation factor)

Max mechanism speed

7500S/H (according to die-cutting product display,paper factor andoperation factor)

Max cutting pressure


Compress air pump

Air compressor exhaust 0.8m3/min—provide for user

Electric requirement

380V 3phase 50HZ

Whole machine weight


Whole machine dimension


Main configurations:

* Cool oil type foil passing tension shaft;
* Fully computerized control setting foil stepping, skipping length, left foil alarm length, foil
   peeling air blowing time and other operation;
* Four foil scroll shafts and four sets of holographic electronic eyes;
* Each shaft is drived by big power servo motor(1.5KW) for stamping unit, can set individually 
   programmable foil stepping, skipping is quick and accurate;
* Equipped with foil breaking detector and brush wheel waste removing out of the machine is
   controlled by frequency conversion;
* 12 heating zones, with constant temperature controlling function, can be individually controlled 
   for each zone temperature;
* Quick lifting and filling temperature in heating plate, it only takes 30 minutes to reach to the 
   working temperature;


Hot plate for this machine adopts imported carbon fiber heating fuses and external fiberglass
protection, ensuring a service life of 10 years.
Stamping section consists 12 heating zones,
where temperature can be set based on different product requirements,thus ensuring product
quality and reducing energy consumption.

Cooperating with the speed and length of foil-delivering,
the torsion force of foil-collecting is adjustable, improving the Foil-stamping quality.




Servo controls the Pressure Raising & Reducing of Foil Stamping machine:
Servo drive steel ball screw rods control the Pressure Raising & Reducing, accurately & fast.
Pressing force of 300 tons, up to which the machine stops automatically.
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