Semi-automatic Die-cutting Machine
Name£º  Semi-automatic Die-cutting Machine 
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Die-cutting ways

Flat to flat (with upper platen fixed and lower platen movable)

Max. Paper Size


Min. Paper Size


Max. Die-cutting Size


Min. Gripper Margin


Max. Die-cutting Pressure


Paper Processed Cardboard Corrugated paper

Cardboard 200-2000g/m2, Max corrugated board thickness 8mm

Die-cutting precision


Max. Die-cutting Speed:


Max. Height of Feeding Pile

1400mm(from the floor)

Max. Height of Delivery Pile

1200mm (from the floor)

Power of main motor


Total Power


Whole macheine weight



4200¡Á2300¡Á2200mm(pedal is not included)

The configurations of the machine

Main Driving System

*  The main driving system adopts worm wheel and worm gear pair and special crank shaft linkage
    mechanism connected by bearing  shell  which can reduce locomotive gap, avoid impacting and
    ensure smooth running.Pressure of die-cutting is high and able to be kept in high spot.The worm
    gear adopts casting tin bronze to ensure long working hours and low abrasion.

Main Chain Drive

*  The main chain adopts Japan over  loading driving chain with precise length,  high intensity against
    pulling and considerable  abra-sion resistance.  Intermission me-chanism adopts parallel three-cam
    indexing mechanism with high pre-cision. The curve of cam is designed specially and the cam stroke
    angle is great to achieve smoother running of gripper bars.  To ensure safety,  imported over-load
    protector  is added between intermission mechanism and axle of main driving chain in order to stop
    the machine automatically when over load occurs.

Electrical Control Part

*  Computer control is adopted which can keep paper's feeding, transfering, die cutting and delivery in
   automatic control and real-time detection.Man-machine interface indicating system will show machine's
   working state,  trouble's position and its solution. There are various safe guarding devices that when
   accident occurs, it will give an alarm by sound and light and shut-down automatically to protect safety
   of man and machine.

Die-cutting Part

*  The active-rotating system is with strong pressure and long working hours after special design and
    optimized treatment. The central-position system and plate turning structure provide great convenience
    to operation. Borad nail is adopted for registration and the down steel plate adopts air-switch,
    which make it easy to install and remove.

Man-machine Interface

*  The high-resolving power interface in machine can inspect working state of the machine and display
    all information such as speed, amount of die-cutting sheets, working state, input and output of PLC
    and position, cause and solution of trouble. It is convenient and reliable for machine's adjusting and

Pneumatic Locking Mechanism

*   Mported cylinder with high stability is adopted to meet easy and quick operation.

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