Printer Slotter Die Cutter In-Line Folder Gluer
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Product Info:

General Introduction

 Automatic Flexo Printer Slotter and In-Line Folder Gluer is used to make complete corrugated
cartons automatically after the corrugated paperboard is slotted to replace manual gluing and
folding .The machine consists of a gluing unit, folding unit, automatic pressing and laminating
unit and counter ejector unit. After corrugated paperboard is slotted , the gluing unit will supply
glue to the corrugated paperboard flap, and the lami
nating unit folds the board and laminates it.
The edge presing roller then presses the edges and the steel roller pre-presses it, then after
folding ,the corrugated boards are reshaped by a shaping board (patting the fronts and back of
the boards).Following this, the counter ejector sends out the pile of card-board and counts the
quantity ,then binds the pile of cardboard.The gluing ,folding, pressing ,laminating and counter
ejec-tor workflow can greatly improve working efficiency and increase the benefits of manufacturers
through precise shaping after folding and precise operation of the counter and ejector unit.

The configurations of the machine

Lead Edge Feeder

*  Fast setting of feeding speed, minimal maintenance, absolute safety and easy operation.

*  Adjustable blower pressure can be used for different types of paper .

*  Paper is delivered at the same speed to the lead edge puller to avoid wrinkling due to pressure.

*  Adjustable air flowf for the blower which helps to feed paper into the machine.

*  Fitted with brushes to remove dust from the surface of the paper.

*  Double-side positioning of the paper sheets.

   Vacuum Dust Remover

*  High efficient vacuum dust removing device can vacuum and clean the dust quickly.

Printing Unit

*   Printing unit can be rotated a full 360°when paper is in motion or stopped,motorized
    control system.

*   Printing assembly can be manually adjusted up to 12.5mm.

*   Pneumatic down-pressure touch-board. The lines of high quality ceramic anilox roller
    can be from 200 to 350 lines.

    This unit features a pneumatic down-pressure touch-board.

*  The metering and the anilox rollers are automatically raised by the safety system when
    the air pressure stops.

*  Enclosed chamber (doctor blade) system and rubber roller can be specified for ink
    supply system at customer`s option.

Vacuum transfer for printing unit.(bottom sucking)

*   Conveying Device consists of one conveying box with groups of rolling wheels and 
strong air vacuum sucking transfer system. The paperboard are sucked on the wheels
stably and transferred by them, which can transfer the small sized and thin paperboards
more smoothly. The printing area on the paperboard can be avoided being scratched
without pressing pull rolls. Dryer can be installed to dry ink immediately.

*   Sucking and exhausting air device and tube.

*   The pressure between rolling wheel conveying box and printing plate cylinder can be
     motorized adjusted.

     Hot air drying system for printing unit

*   The heating from electric heating tube (18KW) transferred into the hot air cover.
    The specially-designed net below the hot air cover blow the hot air into the 
     paperboard surface evenly to make the printing result more colorful.

*   Hot drying air. The air gate is divided into three parts and it can be adjusted
    according to the paperboard size .

*   Air cover has two layers. The inside cover blow hot air and outside cover suck air.
    The extra water vapor and heating air can be exhausted.

*   Hot aie temperature can be adjusted automatically.

Enclosed chamber system for printing unit.

*  Ink supply by pressure,double doctoring blade to make the ink supplied on the
   net roller even and equal.

*  Pneumatic double film separation pump to fill in the ink and pump out the remaining ink.
*  Only 20grame pressure(0.2N) on the length of every cm can get very ideal ink doctoring effect.

*  To reduce the wear of anilox roller, doctoring blade and blade edge sealing
    material to save ink doctoring cost.

*  To use patented blade edge sealing mechanism.

*  To use a “sttipped doctoring blade system” to change the blade rapidly.

*  Without the influence of anilox roller diameter, only with the help of the side faces of
   chamber system and each side face will match with one part of inking roller diameter 
   and obtains the most ideal ink doctoring result.

*  Quick and convenient change from working status into washing status.

Slotting unit

*  The slotting unit can be rotated a full 360°and incorporates a cutting depth
    scale which directly displays the adjusted position of the front and rear knives.

*  The creasing and slotting shaft can be adjusted up or down.

*  Automatic setting of slotting knives with order memory functions.

Rotary Die Cutter

*  Slotting knife roller moves both left and right

*  Automatic switch on/off of pressure

*  Can be used with equalizer

*  Die cutting cylinder made of superior material with extra hardness.

 Computerized for whole machine

*  The whole machine with PLC control system, each printing unit is equipped with
    an 5.7” screen touching panel, and the slotter has a bigger and colorful one with 
    the size of 10.4”, through which we are able to make and save more than 500
    production orders. Another central control system can be expanded to connect
    local area networks, and achieve distal maintenance function.

*  Computer control for the movement of the front stop board in the feeder, relevant gap
   between units, processing phase of each units, axially movement, clutch pressure, and
   air sucking function. And all the units are equipped with safety device and error displayer.

In line folder gluer

1Gluing unit

*  Motorized-operated gluing unit and human-interface input controls.

*  Gluing roller works at the same speed as the main machine. When the machine
    stops, the gluing roller runs by itself so that the glue on the roller will not dry.

*  High quality gluing system imported from USA or Europe at customers option.

2Folding unit

*  Motorized-operated movement of folding beam, controlled by interface or computer
    touch screen.

*  Adjustable folding pole can match different corrugated boards specification.

*  Springy upper belt pressure roller avoids loss of hardness in corrugated cartons.

*  Lower synchro-belt allows corrugated boards to go in smoothly .

*  Corrugated carton guiding square and side roller.

3Auto Stacker

*  Air blower blows the boards down, while front patting boards make the front and back
   flat and neat.

*  Motorized adjustment of left and right side of stacker so that corrugated cartons are
   piled in the middle.

*  Motorized-operated movement of front and back stop board.

4Counter Ejector

*  Piles of 10-40 cartons can be set and sent out .

*  Motorized adjustment of the height of sheet pressing frame.

*  Pushing by inserting from the bottom, precise counting.

Optional equipments

Automatic kicking feeder

*  PLC control of the main motors in the paper feeder unit,userfriendly interface and
   LCD display screen make operation easy.

*  Front paper block,side positioners and rear block are all electronically controlled.

*  Blower system features extra blower to add air volume if its needed.

*  Additional sheet-in brush dust cleaner.

*  Double sheet-in roller structure.

Semi-computerized for whole machine.

*  The whole machine with PLC control system, the feeder is equipped with an
   5.7” screen touching panel, and the slotter has a bigger and colorful one with
   the size of 10.4”,through which we are able to make and save more than 990
   production orders.

   Automatic sheet stacker (without In line folder gluer)

*  Anti-dropping safety system.

*  Tow-span belt

Gluing unit

Folding unit

Auto Stacker

Counter Ejector

Specification parameter form:






Max. Sheet Size





Min.Sheet Size





Max.Sheet Size
(With Skip Feed)














Model:VOLE-1220 (Fig. 1)

One Set

380V AC3 Φ50HZ

Max. Sheet Size

Max. Sheet Size

Min Sheet Size(For Flexo Printer Slotter Only)

: 310X630MM

Min Sheet Size
(For Flexo Printer Slotter With Vaccum Transfer for Printing)

: 450X630MM

Min Sheet Size
(With In Line Folder Gluer Only)

: 450X1000MM

Max Speed

: Up to 180 sheets/min (Depending one Sheet Size, Quality )

Max. Sheet Size (With Skip Feed)

: 1600X2000MM

Max Printing Area

: 1200X1920MM

Max. Square Box(For Flexo Printer Slotter Only)

: 485MMx485MM 

Min. Square Box(For Flexo Printer Slotter Only)

: Positive Slotting Knife: 160MMx160MM
Inverse Slotting Knife: 270MMx80MM
at buyer's option

Flexo Printing Plate Thickness

: +6.1MM

Printing Registration Precision

: +0.5MM

Slotting Registration Precision

: +1.5MM

Die Cutting Precision

: +1.5MM

Power Required

: 61.9KW

Dimension (LXWXH)

: 17230X3871X3416MM

Total Weight

: 37000KGS

(1)Automatic Flexo Printer Slotter Rotary Die Cutter and In-Line Folder Gluer  

Model: 1228FG

One set



380V  AC3 Φ50HZ


Effective Sheet Size

: 1200MMX2800MM

Max. Sheet Size

: 1200MMX2800MM

Min Sheet Size

: 310MMX630MM

Min Sheet Size( With Vaccum Transfer For Printing Unit)

: 450MMX630MM

Min Sheet Size(With In Line Folder Gluer)

: 450MMX1000MM

Max Speed(For Flexo Printer Slotter Only)

: Up to 180 sheets/min (Depending one Sheet Size, Quality )

Max Speed(With In Line Folder Gluer)

: Up to 160 sheets/min (Depending one Sheet Size, Quality )

Max. Sheet Size (With Skip Feed)

: 1600MMX2800MM

Max Printing Area

: 1200X2660MM

Max. Square Box

: 680MMX680MM

Min. Square Box(For Flexo Printer Slotter Only)

: Positive Slotting Knife: 160MMx160MM
Inverse Slotting Knife: 270MMx80MM
at buyer's option

Min. Square Box(With In Line Folder Gluer)

: 250MMX250MM

Automatic Flexo Printer Slotter Rotary Die Cutter and In-Line Folder Gluer
Model: 1220/1224/1226/1228FG

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