U.V Spot and Overall Coating Machine
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Basic Introduction

High Speed U.V Spot and overall coating machine researched and developed by adopts upper
swing gripper for passing sheet to achieve high speed up to 6600 sheets per hour.  Teflon belt
U.V curing system has the characteristics of high speed,   high registration accuracy,   high U.V
curing efficiency, low power consumption.




Maximum Sheet Size (L×W)


Minimum Sheet Size (L×W)


Maximum Coating Area(L×W)


Coating Registration Precision


Sheet Thickness


Maximum Coating Speed

UP to 6600 sheets/hour

Total Power

73.12Kw(Water Base)/49Kw(Solvent Base)

Machine Dimension (L×W×H)




Subject to change without notice.

Standard equipments

1.  Automatic Stream feeder 
        *Reliable Sucker feed sheet smoothly at high speed.
        *Sensitive mechanical and electronical double sheets detector and stop board for foreign objects.  
The machine will stop immediately if any abnormality occurs.
        *Precise and reliable front and side guide.

2.     Main Coating Unit


       *Coating speed can reach 5000 sheets pre hour.

       *Big diameter impression cylinder tested by dynamic balance experiment to guarantee varnish coating

       *layer flat. Or adopting double roller inking system with doctor blade, to controlink supplying amount.

       *Blanket Cylinder uses shaft curling way of clamping blanket and photopolymer plate.

       *Multi-rollers varnish transmission device and easy clamp blanket and photopolymerplate. Easy and

       convenient adjustment for varnish thickness.

       *Ceramic anilox roller and doctor chamber or original doctor blade system can be available at option.

3.      UV curing system


       *Three U.V lights can harden the U.V varnish immediately.

       *Unique inclined built in U.V light box.

       *Half/Whole light conversion.

       *Auto temperature controlinside, electronic abnormality switch off.

       *I.R dryer can be available at option to dry water base varnish.

4.      Automatic Delivery Unit.


         *With automatic loading sheet board.

       *Mechanical and electrical double sides trimmer and strong sheet flattening and balancing 
 mechanism can avoid the inertial running stroke from the thick sheets to guarantee deliver
 sheet smoothly and neatly.

       *With cooling fan and cooling air conditioner can be available at option.

       *Emergency indicating light and safe detecting system can show the abnormity to the operators.

5.      Auto control


        *Safe and reliable motors use invertors to adjust speed.

        *PLC control of whole machine for easy operation and maintenance.

        *Lines link with quick plug and jointer for easy installation and maintenance.

Optional equipments

1.   Air conditioner 

Forced cooling to minimize sheet curling and sheet conglutination due to
high temperature in the process of piling.

2.   Feeding/delivering non-stop mechanism

Semi auto auxiliary table for sheet feeding to pre-pile out of feeder,
), to be pushedin by a dolly.

When the delivery auxiliary table starts, the main machine decrease
 automatically to improve production efficiency.

3.  Coating part for water base and IR dryer

Separate varnish supply device, when main machine stops, varnish
 supply roller will rum continuously to avoid the drying of varnish.

The reflective hood of I.R..Quartz-tube can accumulate heat on the sheet surface.

Hot air system, heat supp, , ly by electric high temperature to the coast to be absorbed quickly.

                                            Floor Plan

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