High speed fully automatic folder gluer Machine
Name£º  High speed fully automatic folder gluer Machine 
Sort£º   Folder Gluer Machines Series  
Sort ID£º   EasyFold-1100 / 850 / 650  
Click£º  5798  Times 
Product Info£º

General Introduction
1.Modulation structure design,can upgrade machine function according to customer¡¯s requires.
2.Humanized design attachment installation, easy operation and fast.
3.Special equipped with paper regulator device.
4.Special first folding line ,third folding line pre-fold 180.
5.Sectional-type hook device.
6.Touch screen control plane
7.High speed electric kick board counter
8.Collecting unit cylinder control pressure type pressing system.
9.Remote control convenience for operators to remote control the start and stop of machine .


1. Feeder unit

Independent motor driving system
Synchronized feeding with main motor
Equipped with vibrating sheet separation system

2. Paper regulation

Auto-correction of paper/sheets from the Feeder ensures feeding accuracy
Adjustable press drive fit for various thickness of paper/sheets

3. Pre-Folding

Specific design ensures 180 degree on 1st crease and 165 degree on 3rd crease
4/6 back-hook system can be added as upgrade(optional)


Equipped with bottom lock combination/adjustment,with ideally flexible design that ensure fast and easy operation
Sectional belt feeder with special design,flexible and adjustable per product requirement without tightening or loosening the belt
Electronic glue sprayer(require)

5. Folding

2nd crease 180 degrees,4th crease 180 degree
Specifically designed to adjust belt feeding speed separately to correct box embryo running direction and  ensure straight feeding


Auto-collecting of paper/sheets and water spray by photoelectric counter
Paper-jam inspection device
Adjustable upper and lower belts for easy and simple operation


Movable stacking belts of 2 boards on left and right,adjustable on-line per stacking requirement to improve efficiency
Extra sponge belt for pressing of concave part of piled box
Air-pressed easy adjustment to ensure even pressure of gluing
Synchronized in proportion with main motor in automatic mode to improve stable stacking

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